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Whether you want to hire our taxi for sports tour or business trips, we are ready to provide an affordable ride for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling alone or in a group, all you need to do is to make reservation with us. We are more than willing to offer a spacious car at pocket friendly quote. We have over 30 car brands you can choose from.

We Have a Non-discriminatory Policy in Place

Travel Eaze Reading package is suitably priced to cater for all market sections. In both high-end and standard categories, service charges are discounted to spare your travel budget. This is in line with our company’s policy of providing quality services at a fair price. Even if you are operating on a thin budget, we have something for you. We are dedicated to provide a dignified ride for every customer that subscribe to taxi services. Unlike our competitors, we do not discriminate against you.

We Resolve Disputes in a Just Way

From the management, customer team, to the drivers, we strive to maintain high standards to create a conducive environment for our clients. In case of a dispute, we try our best to resolve the misunderstanding with tact and patience. We at Travel Eaze emphasize on strong work ethics at every level, therefore, our employees take great care not to violate you in anyway. Our dispute resolution mechanism is so efficient and effective that we deal with any violation expediently.

Skilled Drivers

If you want to make it to your destination in time, hire our 1-18 sitters. They come with competent drivers who are certified and insured by the relevant bodies. Most of our drivers have over 15 years of experience in the industry, hence are steady behind the steering wheel. They are polite, well-groomed and have great navigational skills. Why risk your life hiring a random taxi driver when we are just a call away?

We Care For Your Safety

We value your life and time, thus we have made it our sacred duty to safeguard both. How? To start with, all our vans and minibuses are fitted with speed governors. Governors help to impose speed limits on our drivers. All our executive taxi, airport taxi , 8-9 ,10-12 ,14-16 ,16-18 seater minibuses are regularly inspected. This helps to detect any mechanical wear. We adhere to all industrial standards governing safety including subjecting our cars to inspection by the relevant regulatory organs. Travel in style, travel in comfort, arrive alive. Come to us for safe VIP rides.

We are pragmatic and adopt new trends to keep up with emerging technology. At Travel Eaze, we accept deposits from multiple payment platforms to boost our accessibility. This trend is also replicated in our upgraded booking system, which allows you to make an order from any place. You can now make car reservations through our user-friendly mobile app. All you need is a smart phone to download it. Taxi Reading services are now within your reach. Press that button to establish a long term partnership with us.

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